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Soft office - Accounts & Finance Management (AFM)

Complete accounts & financial ledgers to organize a business enterprise. The accounts module integrates with payroll, inventory, price lists, sales orders, purchase orders and CRM modules. The product is designed for best optimization in small, medium and large business.

  Accounts & Finance Management
  • Voucher entries, day book, creditors, debtors, purchase register, sales register, profit & loss accounts, balance sheets and all accounts ledgers can be maintained.

  • Statutory reports for ESI, PF, TDS, VAT, SERVICE TAX, etc., can be maintained. Monthly / Yearly returns can be generated.

  • Multiple company accounts can be maintained. Cheque Management is a unique feature added to the Financial module.
  • Accounts & Finance module integration with price lists, purchase orders, sales orders, inventory, CRM and payroll.

  • Reduces costs and increases profitability

  • Enhances decision-making capabilities

  • Simplifies and streamlines your business processes

  • Provides greater controls & better financial discipline

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